Make sure that version follows semver rules e.g (0.2.0-alpha).

For the time being, ALWAYS specify the -alpha suffix.

Generate Release Notes

Prerequisite: Release notes are generated with towncrier.Ensure to have towncrier installed and the command is available.

Run make notes version=<version> where <version> is the version we are generating the release notes for e.g. 0.2.0-alpha.


make notes version=0.2.0-alpha

Examine the generated release notes and if needed perform and commit any manual changes.

Generate the release

Run make release version=<version>.


make release version=0.2.0-alpha

This will also run the tests again as the last step because some of them may need to be adjusted because of the changed version number.

Tag and push the release

Prerequisite: Make sure the central repository is configured as upstream, not origin.

After the tests were adjusted run make push-tag to create the tag and push it to Github.

Manually edit the release on GitHub

Running the previous command will push a new tag to Github and cause CI to create a release with the Fe binaries attached. We may want to edit the release afterwards to put in some verbiage about the release.