Map type

The type Map<K, V> is used to associate key values with data.

The following types can be used as key:

The values can be of any type including other maps, structs, tuples or arrays.


contract Foo {
    bar: Map<address, Map<address, u256>>
    baz: Map<address, Map<u256, bool>>

    pub fn read_bar(self, a: address, b: address) -> u256 {

    pub fn write_bar(mut self, a: address, b: address, value: u256) {[a][b] = value

    pub fn read_baz(self, a: address, b: u256) -> bool {
        return self.baz[a][b]

    pub fn write_baz(mut self, a: address, b: u256, value: bool) {
        self.baz[a][b] = value