Attribute expressions

AttributeExpression :
   Expression . IDENTIFIER

An attribute expression evaluates to the location of an attribute of a struct, tuple or contract.

The syntax for an attribute expression is an expression, then a . and finally an identifier.


struct Point {
    pub x: u256
    pub y: u256

contract Foo {
    some_point: Point
    some_tuple: (bool, u256)

    fn get_point() -> Point {
        return Point(x: 100, y: 500)

    pub fn baz(some_point: Point, some_tuple: (bool, u256)) {
        // Different examples of attribute expressions
        let bool_1: bool = some_tuple.item0
        let x1: u256 = some_point.x
        let point1: u256 = get_point().x
        let point2: u256 = some_point.x