Useful external links

There are not many resources for Fe outside of the official documentation at this time. This section lists useful links to external resources.



  • Bountiful - Bug bounty platform written in Fe, live on Mainnet
  • Simple DAO - A Simple DAO written in Fe - live on Mainnet and Optimism

Hackathon projects

These are community projects written in Fe at various hackathons.

  • Fixed-Point Numerical Library - A fixed-point number representation and mathematical operations tailored for Fe. It can be used in financial computations, scientific simulations, and data analysis.

  • p256verifier - Secp256r1 (a.k.a p256) curve signature verifier which allows for verification of a P256 signature in fe.

  • Account Storage with Efficient Sparse Merkle Trees - Efficient Sparse Merkle Trees in Fe! SMTs enable inclusion and exclusion proofs for the entire set of Ethereum addresses.

  • Tic Tac Toe - An implementation of the classic tic tac toe game in Fe with a Python frontend.

  • Fecret Santa - Fecret Santa is an onchain Secret Santa event based on a "chain": gift a collectible (ERC721 or ERC1155) to the last Santa and you'll be the next to receive a gift!

  • Go do it - A commitment device to help you achieve your goals.

  • Powerbald - On chain lottery written in Fe

  • sspc-flutter-fe - Stupid Simple Payment Channel written in Fe


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